Quantcast 2010 Cleveland Indians Baseball: Indians have worst attendance record in MLB
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Cleveland Dead Last in MLB Attendance Through June 1



Cleveland Indians hats & merchandise The Cleveland Indians have yet another embarrassing statistic staring them right in the face as they round out the second month of MLB play for 2010, they are sitting dead last in attendance for all of baseball. The Tribe is averaging 15,565 fans per game through June 1st, though any of us who are paying attention might believe that number is a bit inflated (at some games you can actually count the number of people in the outfield and upper decks, and many fans do considering how poor the product on the field has been!)


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So far this season, the Indians have drawn just 342,438 for 22 games at Progressive Field. That ranks below Toronto (431,090,) Florida (497,368,) Pittsburgh (425,675,) and Oakland (495,798) to round out the bottom five in MLB. If the Tribe continues to lose the average attendance may drop to 10,000 or worse as fans opt to spend their hard earned money elsewhere in one of the cities hit hardest by the recent economic downturn. Studies have shown that an average family of four can spend upwards of $300 on tickets, parking, food and beverages while attending a major league game. For the people of Cleveland, it is simply a luxury that most cannot afford right now, and for those who can the sheer disappointment of the season so far has been enough to keep them away as well.



By Robert Gonzalez
Cleveland Indians Correspondent

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