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The Christmas Day 777 Mystery



It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter. In Numbers 1:46, the number of the warriors of the children of Israel was 603,550. Inside this number we see the number 355. Noah lived 355 years after his father Lamech passed away at age 777.

God knows how much our hearts cry coincidence so 37 years later the warriors were numbered again, equaling 601,730. Numbers 26:51 Here, inside this number we see the number 173, which is the number of the total years of the life of Noah (950) above the total years of the life of his father Lamech (777).

It’s a golden gate bridge built by God extending from the law of Moses back to the generations before the Flood revealed in the perfect time. God is a great builder. What God constructs appears as a wonder to behold because it is so filled with glory it suddenly fills our hearts with joy.

Now we shall go to the four home run club and add up the dates of the occurrences of the first nine players to hit four home runs in one game who comprise the starting lineup on the wonder team of God. I’ll give you the name of the player and the date of the occurrence and then show you how to sequentially add all the dates and years for the wonder to behold.

All home runs in the history of MLB hit by players born on Christmas Day total 777 through 2010. The Christmas Day 777 was hit on May 7, 2009 by Willie Taveras. Hall of Fame Mariner broadcaster Dave Niehaus announced his 5000th game of the Mariners the very same day. That is the divine orchestration our loving heavenly Father reaching out to the whole world. Our Father is pointing to his Son and extending His warm invitation see his wonder bridge 5000 years before the Emerald Home Run to the days of Noah to believe in his mystery in Christ Jesus.

Just think of this wonder as The Father’s Christmas gift of faith to the whole world.

Player Date of 4hr Occurrence Translated Date

Bobby Lowe 5-30-1894 5,301,894

Ed Delahanty 7-13-1896 7,131,896

Lou Gehrig 6-03-1932

Chuck Klein 7-10-1936

Pat Seerey 7-18-1948

Gil Hodges 8-31-1950

Joe Adcock 7-31-1954

Rocky Colavito 6-10-1959

Willie Mays 4-30-1961


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In the midst we see The Triple Seven Wonder shining through with power and great glory in 777 thousand. In 58 million we see the Father and Son, for fifty days after April 15, is June 12, and the birthday of President George Herbert Walker Bush, pointing us to the sequential equivalent year of 1611 in confirmation of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible in 2011. Bob Horner is the only player to have four homeruns on the birthday of a U.S. President. George Walker Bush was forty on July 6, 1986 on that day, pointing to 14,600 days, thereby magnifying Numbers 1:46 one hundred times. God is showing us His mystery in Christ through our father and son Presidents. God also uses 146 as the root number pointing to the comprehensive plan of God in our age, marked by the 4,000 years between the birth of Abraham in 1948 from creation to the modern nation of Israel in 1948 A.D., showing 1,460,000 days. God loves references. Where God works there are wonderful landmarks to evidence His orchestrations to give us faith in him.

The date of the four home run occurrence by Willie Mays on April 30, memorialized the 430 years of bondage of the children of Israel in the land of Egypt. God told Moses, you shall remember this day forever. It is the day that the mighty hand of God has brought you up out of the house of bondage to journey to a land flowing with milk and honey. The year of the four home run occurrence by Willie Mays (1961) is sequentially 962 and is a perfect match to the years of Jared in Genesis Chapter Five. Our Father loves the change-up pitch.

In the starting lineup of the first nine players we are blessed to have two players who are still living including Rocky Colavito and Willie Mays. The remaining six include Mike Schmidt, Bob Horner, Mark Whiten, Mike Cameron, Sean Green, and Carlos Delgado.

Mike Schmidt reprsents the days of Noah with 548 home runs, for when Noah was 548 years old hit father Lamech was 730, pointing us to the double Enoch factor, which when subracted from the total years of the second generation of Seth (912) reveals the age of Lamech (182) when Noah was begotten. When 730 is subtracted from the generations of Enos (905) and Cainaan (910), the total years of Abraham (175) and Isaac (180) appear in a prophetic wonder before the Flood. The double Enoch factor also appears in the second numbering of the warriors of the children of Israel in Numbers 26:51 (601,730), which is 1331 sequentially, pointing to the Emerald Home Run on April 15, 2009, for all players born on April 15, through 2009 combined for 916 home runs, which when added to 415 equals 1331, thereby establishing The Emerald Home Run by Genesis, before and after the Flood and in the Law of Moses.

The dates of birth of the last five players to hit four home runs in one game added by month and day equal 3,774, which is sequentially 777. Their dates of births are as follows: Bob Horner 806, Mark Whitten, 1125, Mike Cameron 108, Shawn Green 1110, and Carlos Delgado, 625.

The prophetic date translation was established in the law of Moses by the numbering of the warriors of the tribes of Israel, evidenced by its fulfillment in Major League Baseball and in the dates of death of all U.S. Presidents, totaling 23,777, which is sequentially 800. (Add Grover Cleveland twice since he served as our 22nd and 24th President)

The warriors in the first numbering total 603,550, representing June 3, and the 550th year of Leonardo da Vinci to correspond with the 137th memorial of Abraham Lincoln in 2002, fulfilled by Mike Cameron. God chose Eddie Mathews in 1964 to hit the home run parallel in the ninety-ninth memorial of Abraham Lincoln to match the age of Abraham when God appeared to him when he was ninety-nine years old in Genesis 17 promised him a son by his wife Sarah the following year. Eddie Mathews made his debut in Major League Baseball on the 500th birthday of Leonardo da Vinci as a landmark, pointing to the days of Noah when he begat his three sons at age 500.

God chose Lou Gehrig to hit four home runs on June 3, who stands as an American treasure in the record books of the Most High. Yes, God keeps records and is the Greatest Sports Fan of all. Baseball just might be God's favorite pasttime. Before Junior hit The Lamech Home Run (the 5000th home run of the Mariners) on June 23, Junior hit home runs on the birth and death of Lou Gehrig with no home runs in between seventeen days apart just as he did in 1992, on the birth (April 15) and death (May 2) of da Vinci, paralleling the 127th memorial of Abraham Lincoln. The career home run no. of The Emerald Home Run was no. 613 for Junior, which when added to the 540th year parallel equals 1153, thereby fulfilling the prophetic wonder in the firstnumbering of the warriors of the tribes of Israel, for 603,550 is 1153 sequentially. (603 + 550 = 1153)

The 301 thousand of Willie matches the home runs of Rogers Hornsby, who was born on April 27, to match the parallel date of The Emerald Home Run for the completion of the 777 bridge and here’s how. On April 15, through the year of the sign (2009) we see 916 hrs by players born on April 15. Now add 415 plus 916 and see 1331. On April 27, we see 904 hrs by players born on that day through the year of the sign and when added in like manner is also 1331.

Rocky Colavito is the only member of the four home run club to also have four home runs in a double header on the same day and that day was on August 27, and upon that day we see 1331 home runs as differential of 400 to the date of April 27, and the perfection of the finish work of God matching the sequential numbering of the children of Israel (601,730 is sequentially 1331 when 601 and 730 are added). 1331 is 11 x 11 x 11 to point us to the year of the Emerald Home Run when God multiplies.

Merry Christmas to all and may the peace and joy of Christ warm your hearts and in the year to come. Good night.


By: Steven A. Janda
MLBCenter.com Staff Writer
The Emerald Home Run is now available at http://sbpra.com/stevenandrewjanda/

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