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103 year curse vs. new leadership



Chicago Cubs hats & merchandise Thank goodness the Chicago Cubs have come out of the gates with life! Not like in years past with the new born deer syndrome. The Cubs have shown their fans that even during close games, it matters! Coach Mike Quade has told the team that winning series’ is the most important part. Sure, a ten game winning streak sounds all fun and games; however, if the team can win two of three or even split a series it would keep a solid mindset throughout the season. Finally, we have a coach that gives some type of focus to our lovable losers. The journey through 162 games, focus is priceless!

Sure I have thought to myself many times, 103 years! You got to be kidding me! They have to accidently screw up and win one World Series somewhere in that timeframe. But why hasn’t that happened? Of course the Billy Goat Curse is to blame, but let us look a little closer. Put yourself in the shoes of a hitter that is hitless in over 103 at-bats, don’t you think you would push a little too hard each time you come to the plate? Always having that monkey on your back wears on you during baseball’s long season. And when the Cubs find themselves in the midst of the playoffs, it is the largest story throughout the sports world! After playing a grueling season filled with ups and downs not only with bad outings and slumps throughout, but those nagging injuries that can’t completely heal until the offseason. Bring all of this weight to just one Cubs playoff press conference and you find yourself completely exhausted. The key is not trade deadline deals, or hoping that an August call up will be your next franchise player. It is the locker room psychologist that can keep players minds in the correct place all season. Clubhouse shrinks are found in their managers and influential players. Quade is the ultimate players coach, the locker room Sigmund Freud. Kerry Wood, who took less money to come back to the team that signed his first Major League paycheck, will be a strong influence in the bullpen.

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I can be the first one to admit that there have been much stronger Cubs teams in the past. However there are a few things that will be increasing the chances of seeing the North-Siders in October. The NL central looks like if you aren’t breaking ribs playing basketball you will be having some type of surgery. From the Brewers Zack Grienke to The Cardinals Wainwright, the Cubs should be thankful that no serious injuries have hit home. The central is weakening as we speak, Chicago just needs to take advantage. The Boston RedSox started the season 0-6, which is the worst start for them since 1945. Why is that important? Because I always find something to bring to the table that brings fans something to hold onto. 1945 was the last time our lovable losers found themselves playing for the Commissioners’ Trophy.

On the 5th of April, the win over the Arizona Diamondbacks put the Chicago Cubs over .500 for the first time since the 2009 season. That my friends, sounds like a much better start than last year, then again on the 10th we dropped down to 4-5. It is a long season, there will be plenty of ups and downs, however, we will be able to enjoy our team every step of the way.

In dedication to the Legendary Franchise of the Chicago Cubs and the players who have built that legacy I am honored to bring a multi-part series of the life and career of Cubs’ first base great, Vic Saier. Part I coming soon!



By: Joshua Conley
MLBCenter.com Chicago Cubs Correspondent

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