Quantcast 2010 MLB Paralells: The Emerald Homerun & Monday Night Football
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Are You Ready For Some Football With The Emerald Home Run?


Cleveland Indians hats & merchandise The Monday Night Football opener kicked off the season with signs and wonders. The parallels are astonishing beyond measure.

On Monday, September 12, 2011, Tom Brady passed for 517 yards. The total offense of the Patriots was 622 yards. May 17, is equivalent to 517 and is the 137th day of the year. Enoch was begotten by Jared in the year 622 from creation. The numbers 137 and 622 combined equal 759. The first generation of Adam (930) times the third generation of Enos (905) times the seventh generation of Enoch (365) equals 307,202,250, which is sequentially 759. Twice around the horn from Emerald Home Run on April 15, is May 14, the day Israel became a nation in 1948. Abraham was begotten in 1948 from creation, four thousand years before Israel became a nation modernly in 1948.

It was on May 17, 2009, that Adam Kennedy had the triple seven home run among all players born on January 10, in MLB history, 127 days after his own birthday, showcasing the ages of Abraham and Sarah when she died and the future age of their great grandson Joseph who lived to age 110 in Egypt. Why did all this happen on September 12?

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Because September 12, is 912 numerically and Seth lived to age 912. When the double Enoch factor of 730 is subtracted from 912, we see 182, the age of Lamech when he begat Noah. How many home runs were hit among all players on September 12, through the year of the sign in 2009? The answer is 721, which is 127 in reverse, just as 514 is 415 in reverse. It is the glory of the Father in the Son.

Through the year of the sign in 2009, all home runs hit by players born from January 1, through September 12, equal 174,366, which is sequentially 540, the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci in 1992, when Griffey homered on the birth and death of da Vinci with no home runs in between on the 127th memorial of Abraham Lincoln.

The New England Patriots were used on Monday Night Footfall to confirm the glory of God in The Emerald Home Run.

The Emerald Home Run- Official Author Website - http://sbpra.com/stevenandrewjanda//


By: Steven A. Janda
MLBCenter.com Staff Writer

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