Quantcast 2011 New York Mets Baseball: Mets & Willie Harris
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777, The New York Mets, and Willie Harris


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On July 28, 2011, Willie Harris appeared at the plate for the 267,777th "at bat" of the New York Mets. So what's so wonderous?

The wonder begins with a triple digit date match (728) to the all-time batting rank of Willie Harris coming in at #1728.

The Mets were visiting the Reds and the attendance at the game was 25,400. The Emerald Home Run (EH) was the 400th home run of Griffey as a Mariner for a triple digit attendance match to the EH. The root number of 25,400 is 254 and 254 days after the EH on April 15, is December 25. God is multiplying folks. 254 times 100 is 25,400.

The 267,777th AB was the 2300th AB of Willie, representing the 23 generations in Genesis from Adam to Joseph times 100. God can shine when we appear at the plate even when we fail to get on base. He shines through us when we stand up for him as did Steven in the book of Acts. Now fasten your seat belts. This next part is a rocket ship of glory.

All home runs among players born (APB) from January 1, through April 15, total 71,577. God divides. Christ said he came to divide. Paul said the Word divides. The Word is represented in the number 27 and 37 is the fruit that results. Hence, the 127/137 mystery of Abraham and Sarah with Griffey and Cameron homering on the 127th and 137 th memorial of Abraham Lincoln, which is also the 540th and 550 th birthday of Leonardo da Vinci.

So we divide 71,577 by 27 and the result is 2,651, matching the chapter and verse of the second numbering of the warriors of the children of Israel in Numbers 26:51, which total 601,730, pointing to June 1, and July 30, and the sequentially equivalent 1,331 or 11 cubed. Now add the home runs among all players born on April 15, which are 916 on the home run chart inside the Emerald Home Run, and the answer is 1,331. Now take a deep breath and breathe out slowly.

The 267,777th AB of the Mets was the 2651st plate appearance of Willie Harris.

As Mariner announcer Dave Neihaus used to say, "My oh my, and this one will fly away"

The Father likes to put on a wonderful fireworks show so he adds the following stats of Willie through July 28, just for kicks and giggles.

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Hits - 551, matching all the home runs of Griffey after April 15, 1992 through the EH on April 15, 2009, to recognize the seventeen years of Joseph when his father made him a coat of many colors. Junior also hit homers on the birth and death of Lou Gehrig seventeen days apart just before he hit the 5,000th home run of the Mariners on June 23, 2009.

Stolen Bases - 105, matching the age of Seth when he begat Enos and a match to the 105th day of the year on April 15. Here, God joins Willie Harris to the legendary Jackie Robinson, who was the only player in MLB history to hit his 105th home run on the 105th day of the year. God drilled that home run so deep he personally had Stan Musial hit five home runs in a double header seventeen days later on the day Leonardo da Vinci died.

Total Bases - 807, God is glorifying himself in the fatherly love that only he can show by an express match to the 807 remainder years of Seth after he begat Enos.

Today is July 29, 2011, which is 729 on the Gregorian calendar and when divided by 27 is 27 again. God will pour out his grace today with mighty wonders from his throne that his name might be praised among all the earth.

Now lets play ball!


By: Steven A. Janda
MLBCenter.com Staff Writer
The Emerald Home Run is now available at http://sbpra.com/stevenandrewjanda/

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