Quantcast 2010 Seattle Mariners Baseball: The Emerald Homerun
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A Star Sent From Afar


Cleveland Indians hats & merchandiseGenesis says God made lights in the heavens for signs, seasons, days, and years for light upon the earth. God told Abraham he would make his seed as the stars in the heavens. Are there stars among us today which are shining for his glory among us?

Junior was surrounded by a host of stars in MLB who also hit home runs on April 15, 2009. The Emerald Home Run for Junior was his four hundredth as a Mariner and his 613th overall. Abraham in Genesis paid four hundred shekels of silver to buy the field of Machpelah to bury his wife Sarah. God told Abraham that his seed would sojourn in a land that was not theirs for four hundred years.

When Lamech was 613, his father Methuselah was 800, matching all the home runs through 2009, hit by players born on the birthday of one of Junior's beloved managers on August 28, in the legendary Lou Piniella. Sweet Lou has presidential connections, for all of his games as a Seattle manager in 1,551 equal all the home runs hit by players born on October 30, through the sign year in 2009. The name of the president was John Adams, who was born the same day as Ed Delahanty and Joe Adcock, the second and seventh members of the four home run club. Why would God point us to all these great men? Because they were all filled with a zeal for the truth.

The call better be right or sweet Lou would become not so sweet Lou. It's all about accountability to God, just like the parables of Christ.

So on April 15, 2009, we see three stars appear who hit home runs who were all born on October 22, including Michael Barret, Robinson Cano, and Ichiro Susuki. When we combine their dates of birth (3 x 1022) we see 3,066, which is sequentially sixty-nine. (see TheEmeraldHomeRun.blogspot.com for the sequential rule) What's the meaning of sixty-nine?

Well, sixty-nine days after the Junior hit the Emerald Home Run he mysteriously hit the 5,000th home run in Mariner History against the Padres who reported 777 players through the 2009, sign year. Five thousand years ago, Lamech lived to 777. So it is the discovery of The Genesis Calculator. The sixth generation (962) times the first generation (930) times the third generation (905) in Genesis, chapter five, multiplied and sequentially reduced produces 777 to confirm the 613th home run of Griffey, The Emerald Home Run.

The home run of Michael Barret was his last home run of his career. Michael played his last game on April 17, 2009, thereby joining Michael to one of the greatest hitters in the four home club in Mike Schmidt, who had his four home runs thirty-three years prior on the same day in 1976, and matching the thirty-three home runs hit by players on April 15, 2009, pointing us to the one who laid his life down for us at age thirty-three.

The star of Robinson Cano shines like a torch all the way back to the warriors of the tribe of Judah in a sequential mystery. Robinson's total days on April 15, 2009, were 9,665, which is 674 sequentially for a perfect sequential match to the 74,600 warrriors in the tribe of Judah in Numbers 2:4. The greatest warrior of all time arose from the tribe of Judah. See your minister.

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The third star, Ichiro Susuki, came all the way from Japan to shine a light so great that all of heaven stands in amazement. Under the Genesis Calculator, leap days are excluded because the calculator is all built around Enoch who lived 365. God uses the double Enoch factor in 730 to reveal Abraham and Isaac after the Flood and also in the tribes of Israel. Then the quadruple Enoch factor is used in 1460 to show all the days in a four year period with respect to the Genesis Calculator. For instance, Noah was 404 in the year 1460 from creation and his father Lamech was 586, pointing us to all the warriors in the camp of Judah sequentially in 186,400. (Each camp includes three tribes)

Then of course, Abraham was begotten in 1948 from creation and 4,000 years later, God established natural Israel as a nation again in the earth on May 14, 1948, and 4,000 times 365 equals 1,460,000, to show the glory of his calculation before the whole world from Abraham to the modern nation of Israel. God is very big on referencing when he performs a great work in the earth. So listen to your teachers kids and get your bibliographies in order for your reports. Now back to Ichiro.

Ichiro was born on October 22, 1973. On April 15, 2009, Ichiro was 35 years and 175 days old. (disregard leap days. why? read the prior paragraph and no recess until you get it right.) Now 35 x 365 = 12,775. Now add 175 and you see 12,950, which under the sequential equivalent rule is 962 (12 + 950 = 962), which is all the years of Jared in Genesis chapter five. Plus, we see all the years of Noah in 950. God is the Master multiplier and divider. Accordingly, 12,950 divided by 37 is 350, mathing all the years of Noah after the Flood. Noah entered the ark in the six hundredth year of his life. You should also note that Ichiro is born 175 days before the Emerald Home Run to match all the years of Abraham. Christ said before Abraham, I am. Now for more glory.

This is the four hundredth year anniversary of the King James Bible, the greatest selling publication of all time. God is confirming his Word this year in ways which are astonishing beyond measure. So tighten your seat belts for this next one.

On September 9, 2011, which is 147 days after the month and day of The Emerald Home Run on April 15, Ichiro hit career home run number ninety-five, matching all the years of Jacob in 147 with a reference in scripture, Genesis 47:28, that matches all the home runs (4,728) hit by members of the four home run club through 2009. That's called astonishing beyond measure. There's only one person who has the ability to perform a wonder of that measure.

The 95th home run of Ichiro was his 1,121st career run and his six hundredth at bat of the year. Ichiro finished the game with 603 at bats, matching the day Lou Gehrig hit four home runs on June 3, matching the 603 thousand warriors in the first numbering of the children of Israel in Numbers 2:32. I'm very serious about Lou Gehrigh for the following reasons. Before the Lamech Home Run on June 23, 2009, (the five thousandth home run of the Mariners by Griffey) Junior hit home runs in 2009, on June 19, and June 2, with no home runs in between. How is that significant? Those are the dates of the birth and death of Lou Gehrig. What was the career home run number of Ken Griffey, Jr. when he hit the Lamech Home Run? Career number 619, matching the birthday of Gehrig. Are there any other similarities? Griffey matched Lou Gehrig with The Lamech Home Run on the all-time hits list with 2,721, which when divided by 27 is 100.777. There's even more. Go to the baberuth999mystery.blogspot.com and add all the thousands from Adam through the sixth generation of Jared. Answer - 2,721. There is nothing impossible with God. So why Lou Gehrig?

Lou Gehrig was one of the most beloved players of all-time. When Lou became ill, his pain was felt all the way from shore to shore and generations beyond. We'll never know exactly why in this life, but we see a truth. Why would God allow his only begotten Son to die on a cross after performing such marvellous works in the earth. It hurts us to know he who did no sin bore our sins so that we might find our way back to God. Somehow Lou was a type of the Son of God in MLB and I will bear his torch throughout the earth to point all men, women, and children to Christ. So God joined Ichiro to Lou Gehrig and Griffey to magnify his glory in the earth, from sea to shining sea and to all nations.

God uses Ichiro to point to the days of Noah and to remember Ken Griffey, Jr. who was born on November 21, 1969. God uses Ichiro with Barret and Cano to point us to sixty-nine because Enoch was taken from the earth in 987 from creation (F.C.), which is sixty-nine years before Noah was begotten in 1056 F.C. Why?

Because the Son of man commanded his disciples to watch and pray "always" to be accounted worthy to escape the great tribulation. It is the will of God for you to escape. Luke 21:36

God uses Ichiro to point us to all these truth all the way from Japan to Seattle. Why? Because of the one who came all the way down from heaven for the whole world.

The Emerald Home Run


By: Steven A. Janda
MLBCenter.com Staff Writer

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