a 2011 New York Yankees Baseball: Mariano Rivera all time saves record
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Is Mariano Rivera the greatest closer of all time?




On Monday, 19 of September, Mariano Rivera became the all time leader in saves in Major League baseball history. He carved through three Twins hitters to reach 602 saves in his career. In a career that has almost spanned 20 years, nobody has been better at closer than Mariano Rivera. It's hard to argue with the facts. He has 5 World Series rings which says it all, and he has been in numerous more World Series that the Yankees lost as well.


New York Yankees hats I believe that if the Yankees win the World series this season, Mariano will retire, considering that he's 42 years old and all. But if he does, we will always know that Mariano Rivera will always be the greatest closer in Yankees history.

"For the first time in my career, I am on the mound alone," Rivera said afterward, speaking to the media with his three sons by his side. "There was nobody behind me, nobody in front of me, and I'm still surrounded by so many people. I can't describe that feeling. It was priceless. It was a moment I didn't know could be like that. I was thanking God in that moment."

It's really hard to believe that he has come so far with the Yankees. But that name will always live on forever at Yankee stadium. In ten years time, Yankee fans will want to hear those chants 1 more time


Congratulations Mariano and I wish you the best


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By Conor Tunney
MLBcenter.com Staff Writer

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