Quantcast 2012 Boston Red Sox Baseball: Red Sox turned down by Dempster
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Dempster to BoSox Offer No Thanks

Right-hander turns down two-year, $25 million offer and remains a free-agent


Boston Red Sox merchandiseThe Boston Red Sox are still looking for a free-agent pitcher on Saturday after right-hander Ryan Dempster turned down their two-year, $25 million offer and will continue to pursue other options in the free-agent market. The Red Sox reportedly were interested in signing Dempster due to the success he had with the Cubs where he posted nine strong seasons before being dealt to the Texas Rangers last year during the season. While in Chicago, Dempster had four straight years where he pitched in at least 200 games and posted a 2.25 ERA in his 16 starts before being traded last year. Following the move to Texas, Dempster struggled at first being that it was his first experience pitching in the American League, however he eventually went on to post five straight wins before struggling again to end the season.

Dempster has been a hot commodity this winter, reportedly turning down a two-year, $26 million offer from the Kansas City Royals prior to declining Boston’s offer. The right-hander is interested in a three-year contract and is currently being pursued by both the Milwaukee Brewers as well as his former team the Cubs. The right-hander spent some time on the disabled list in 2012, suffering a strained right quad muscle early on in the season and a strained lat muscle that sent him back to the DL in June. The injuries cost him the opportunity at another 200 inning season, but shouldn’t have hurt his value in the free-agent market much.

The Red Sox have not had much luck this week in filling their rotation needs as they lost out on free-agent Dan Haren who opted to sign with the Washington Nationals instead. They also were turned down after offering outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury to Philadelphia in exchange for Cliff Lee; Philadelphia instead opted to acquire center fielder Ben Revere from Minnesota. The club is attempting to get a deal done with either Zack Greinke or Anibal Sanchez, but it is believed that both men are looking for deals that involve more years than Boston is willing to give them. Kyle Lohse is another possibility, but he will be looking for more than a three-year deal, which likely puts him out of reach as the Red Sox appear to be interested in nothing more than a two-year deal no matter who they are pursuing.



By: Robert Gonzalez
MLBCenter.com Staff Writer

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