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Phillies an Option for Youkilis


Philadelphia Phillies hats & merchandise

Am I the only one wanting this to happen? Cool thing is that this might actually happen, as the White Sox are set to decline his 2013 option. Granted, there is no reason to bar out a return to Chicago. The team definitely liked what he brought to their reliable lineup.

To say the least, Kevin Youkilis had a bit of a down year this year. A .235 batting average is nothing to salivate over, but as Billy Beane would say, “Who cares about batting average?” His on-base percentage and plate discipline is what the Phillies need in their lineup, as his OBP is over .100 over his batting average at .336.

Yes, I know. A .336 OBP is just around league average. But if you look at his career stats before 2012, his OBP had never dipped below .367 in a year. That kind of discipline, along with some power, would work well in a Phillies lineup littered with free-swingers like Ryan Howard.

What would be a reasonable deal to sign him at? In my honest and somewhat uneducated opinion, a 1-year deal in the $10 million range would be good for Youk. It would most likely be classified as overpaying, but then again, desperate times call for desperate measures. The 3B free agent market has as much depth as the amount of honest politicians. A 2-year deal would be flat-out horrible. If you look at the Phillies contracts in recent seasons, you’d see an alarming pattern: multi-year deals handed out to older players.

Remember Jose “Old man” Contreras? Ruben Amaro Jr. gave him a multi-year deal, and that ended with the Phillies paying an injured 43 year-old. Raul Ibanez? Y’know… The guy who a slug could’ve outpaced? Point is, Amaro should not give Youkilis a multi-year contract, unless the second year is a team option.

Long story short, the question is: “How would Youk look in Phillies red?”




By: Joe Cullen Staff Writer