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Ryan Madson Reunion in Store for Phillies?


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As all Phillies fans remember from last year’s off-season, the process of re-signing relief pitcher Ryan Madson was not the prettiest. His agent Scott Boras, better known as most general managers’ enemy, was demanding a contract along the lines of what the Phils eventually gave closer Jonathan Papelbon. Madson ended up signing with the Reds, and for a contract that the Phillies would’ve wanted to sign him for.

As all supposed contract bargains go, he ended up tearing a ligament in his right elbow, requiring Tommy John Surgery and effectively ending his season. The former Phillies closer opted out of his 2013 mutual option before the Reds did, putting himself on the free agent market.

What if he returns to his old self? In 2011, Madson has a 2.37 ERA with a 1.15 WHIP and a good save conversion rate, converting 32 of 34. To think that this kind of production could be had on a team-friendly, 1-year deal, most likely befuddles Ruben Amaro Jr. due to his occasional lack of logic.

Madson’s main hope is to get a job as a closer, but he probably won’t get one. He definitely wouldn’t get one with the Phillies, because as I mentioned earlier, Jonathan Papelbon is locked in to the closer’s role. If he were to sign with the Phils, he’d slide into the role of setup man. Getting someone who could be a premium closer to be your setup man would be a luxury the Phillies can afford, as I’ll explain next.

Again returning to the question format, what exactly defines a team-friendly deal? My definition of one is a deal that is team-friendly. Getting off of the sarcastic tone, Ryan Madson will most likely get a 1-year deal with a team option for a second year. The contract will most likely be $7 million per year.

I’m all for the return of Ryan Madson, as I can’t stand the Phillies’ relievers squandering away anymore leads. Here’s to Amaro Jr. hopefully not desperately overpaying someone.



By: Joe Cullen Staff Writer
Twitter: @mrpuffalos