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Phillies Make Assortment of Minor Roster Moves


Philadelphia Phillies hats & merchandise

Ruben Amaro Jr. has been clearing off the roster in preparation for free agency and the Rule 5 Draft.

The Phillies put relief pitchers Tyson Brummett and David Herndon on waivers, and the two were promptly claimed by the Blue Jays. It makes sense that the Blue Jays were the ones to take them, as if you go back to 2010, you’ll remember the Roy Halladay trade.

Brummett was a career minor-leaguer until September, when he was called up. He made exactly one appearance, where he got himself out of some trouble. He’s decent organizational depth, but not much more.

Herndon has more experience than Brummett, to say the least. The 27 year-old joined the Phillies in 2010. His best season was in 2011, where he was the proud owner of a 3.32 ERA in 57 innings of work. Herndon has a good sinker, and was on his way to another good season until need of Tommy John Surgery intervened.

Also a victim of offseason preparation was utility player Michael Martinez, who has spent parts of the last two seasons with the Phillies. Outrighted to AAA, Martinez flat-out stunk this year. Almost every Phillie had a better OBP than Martinez’s slugging percentage (.252). Calling him pathetic would be an understatement.

It’s almost as if Amaro Jr. was trying to admit to his mistakes, as both Martinez and Herndon were Rule 5 draft picks. To add in a dose of irony, this was in preparation of the Rule 5 Draft.

This offseason is off to a good start, but you never know what bad contracts Ruben has up his sleeves.




By: Joe Cullen Staff Writer