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Why Roy Halladay Will Return to the Top


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To say the least, Doc’s 2012 is something that could be called a down year. Injuries and a loss of velocity killed him as batters consistently hit off of him for the first time in a decade. With the Phillies nowhere to be seen in the postseason, it’s time to look towards 2013. A question that is asked numerously is “Will Doc ever be the pitcher he was?” My answer to that question is no, but not in a bad way.

We all know by now that Doc is a competitor. I’m currently reading a book about the 2011 Phillies Rotation (“The Rotation”), which is quick to point out Halladay’s rigorous training and dedication to baseball. He’s willing to make any adjustments necessary to his improvement.

My guess will be that the previously mentioned adjustments will be meant to counter Father Time. No more will we see Doc’s pitches hitting 95 MPH on radar guns, and his shoulder definitely isn’t getting stronger as he gets older. Therefore, I’m assuming the adjustments that will be made will be ones that ease his shoulder and accommodate the lack of a blazing fastball.

It’s hard to give reasonable predictions of a baseball player’s season, thanks to the natural force known as injury. However, I’ll do my best to give an outline of what Doc’s 2013 may be like. He may find a way to accumulate around 200 innings in 2013, with a few less strikeouts then there are innings. Add in an ERA that sits around 3-3.25, and give or take a few adjustments and velocity drops, you have the Doc of old.

Long story short, the moral of this story is that Father Time has a bit of work to do before he fully grips Roy Halladay.




By: Joe Cullen Staff Writer