a 2012 Texas Rangers Baseball: Rangers vs Orioles
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Texas Rangers are Gone


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Am I the only one that couldn’t really picture the Texas Rangers in the wild card game?

After a 12-5 loss to the Athletics to finish off a 4-9 slide, the Rangers played in the one game wild card playoff. The two year Division champions say that, no matter if they’re in the ALDS of the wild card game, their primary goal is a World Series championship. It’s hard to work your way back from the WC game to the World Series, but it’s possible. The Cardinals did it in 2011. Of course, that was before Major League Baseball added a second wild card.

Many people have been blaming the Rangers’ collapse on Josh Hamilton, but I don’t think that is the case. One player can’t cause a team to lose nine out of their last thirteen games. Maybe he hasn’t been at his best, and maybe he gave Oakland the lead with his missed pop fly, but he wasn’t the one that gave up the other ten runs in that game. Maybe if the pitchers had pitched a little better or maybe if the hitters had come out stronger, Texas would be playing in the ALDS against the Yankees, while the Orioles watched from their couches.

People have also blamed the Rangers losing on Ron Washington. Although it is true that bad managing can cost the team a game, the Manager is not the one playing out there. He can’t cause a team to lose 69 games. In my opinion, Ron Washington is an exceptionally good manager.

This reminds me of the 2011 World Series; when the Rangers were one strike away….err, twice, from winning the World Series. I can’t count how many time they were one win away from clinching their division, and didn’t.

Unfortunately, the Rangers blew their last chance with a 5-1 loss against the Orioles in the wild card game.

A hard-hitting Rangers team only managed one run and didn’t hit a single homer. Ian Kinsler, Elvis Andrus, Michael Young and Nelson Cruz each had two hits. Jurickson Profar, the Rangers’ new callup, was the only other Texas player to get a hit. The Rangers hit into three double plays, versus the Oriole’s zero. The Rangers went 1-7 with runners in scoring positions and left 16 men on base.

Yu Darvish took the loss for the Rangers after giving up three runs in 6.2 innings. He threw 91 pitches, only 59 for strikes. He walked none and struck out seven.

The Orioles only got eight hits, (falling to the Rangers’ nine) two of them by J.J. Hardy.

Joe Saunders got the win for the Orioles. He went 5.2 innings, giving up one run with four strikeouts and one walk.

“We just didn’t get it done. It came down to being able to execute against good pitching, and it wasn't the base hits or anything like that, it was just the fundamentals that we just…..we tried and we just couldn't get it done." Said by Ranger manager Ron Washington.

"I went out and gave it my all like I always do," Josh Hamilton said about his performance. "I came up short and didn't get the job done. Overall, I had a great year. I think everyone's expectations were up there after the first couple of months, but then I came back to reality and played the best I could."

The Rangers’ message was clear: ‘Plain and simple, we didn't get it done. We got beat tonight. We had it in front of us and we didn't take advantage.’ Said by Ranger catcher, Mike Napoli

"Tacking on runs was big, you knew they were going to make a run at you," Orioles manager Buck Showalter said on his win. "Our guys approached it and we talked about it being sudden life instead of sudden death, and we played that way. You've got to seize the opportunity. We don't get many."

That’s the way baseball goes, or as my family says, “There’s always next year. “


By: Evie Craig
MLBcenter.com Staff Writer

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