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Reds Bruce on Fire


Cincinnati Reds hats & apparel Cincinnati continued their winning ways this week by taking 2 out of 3 in Houston. The offense was not spectacular but as the season has already labeled this team as a pitching and defensive standout, they still must score runs to win. Bring in Jay Bruce, notoriously known for being a hot streak hitter as well as going into severe slumps. Bruce is on fire hitting 3 home runs in as many games. The home runs have been in crucial and game winning fashion and happening in late innings. He is the hottest hitter in the lineup with a offense mustering 7 hits a game as of late. Championship teams always seem to find a way to win and unlikely heroes will continue to arise as the push their division lead to 8.5 games over St. Louis Cardinals. Bruce's bat producing in crucial situations, while Votto remained inactive, helps prepare them for the playoffs. Hitting his team leading 31st home run and leading the team with 91 RBI’S, while jumping into a hot streak gives the Reds an excellent chance in the playoffs. Other notes, Joey Votto was activated before the game against the Phillies tonight making decisions tough on manager Dusty Baker as the Reds have done very well without him in the lineup. Aroldis Chapman earned 2 more saves bringing him to 35 on the year. Pitcher Mat Latos improves to 12-4 and a great compliment to Cueto as the best 1 and 2 in the league. features a great selection of Cincinnati Reds jerseys & apparel online!



By: Tim Belk Staff Writer