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Unlikely Heroes helps Reds Sweep Pirates


Cincinnati Reds hats & apparel The Reds finished the series sweep of the Pirates this evening winning all 3 games of the series by 1 run. The first game of the series took over 5 hours and a simple infield single in the 14 th by Ryan Ludwick to give the Reds the first game of the series. The Reds continue to receive quality innings from their starters and clutch hits by many different players. Third baseman Scott Rolen got the start the final 2 games of the series playing himself into the unsung hero role. His 2 hit 2 rbi game helped the Reds win the second game and his sacrifice fly in the 8 th inning of the final game gave the Reds their third win in a row by a single run each game. Anytime your pitching keeps you in ball games you have a chance to win. A single hit,sacrifice,error can make the difference in a game.This type of baseball will produce unlikely heroes and more importantly creates team unity. One of many parts of the recipe of a championship team. It is amazing that the pitching can continue to be relaxed. It would be nice to relieve a little stress and have a offensive blowout. This team continues to build character and confidence as they extend their lead in the central.



By: Tim Belk Staff Writer