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Yankees fall to the Orioles 3-2

New York Yankees hats The entire Yankees dugout was jumping and screaming while Ichiro Suzuki was scrambling for the plate.

On a Robinson Cano double in the top of the first, Ichiro Suzuki rounded third and headed home. The throw got there in plenty of time, and the catcher was standing there, waiting for Ichiro. Ichiro dodged the first tag attempt and slid way past home plate. Then he scrambled back to the plate and the catcher tried to tag him again. He dodged that too. Finally, He stuck his hand in and touched the plate.

Safe! The crowd went wild…mostly “booing”. That put the Yankees up, 1-0 in the top of the first.

The Orioles ended up with three runs while the Yankees only scored two. In a matchup between the hard-hitting Yankees and the small-ball Orioles, there was only one steal…by Ichiro Suzuki…and zero bunts.

A-rod’s hit in the top of the third was his first hit in the playoffs this year. He has gone 1-9 with five strikeouts. He also struck out to end the game against Baltimore closer Jim Johnson. Yankees manager Joe Girardi is considering moving him down in the lineup if he keeps struggling.

"Sometimes it's just not as easy as just writing a name or taking a…pitcher out. You have to think about the emotional part," Girardi said. "You always have to think about that as a manager."

"You can't get frustrated," said Alex Rodriguez. "Our objective is to win three games in this series. You want to go out and produce. I'm going to keep attacking, our offense is going to keep attacking and we'll get them in New York."

The Yankees, overall, had a higher average than the Orioles In that game, with a .271 versus the Orioles .227. The Yankees’ left on base woes came back as they left 10 men on base and went 2-8 with RISP.

Andy Pettitte took the loss for the Yankees, pitching 7 innings of three-run ball. He walked one and struck out five.

The Orioles only had seven hits, falling to the Yankees’ nine.

Wei-Yin Chen got the win for the Orioles. He gave up eight hits and two runs over 6.2 innings of work.

"It was a tough game," Pettitte said. "Obviously the game came down to; I made a mistake to Davis that scored the two runs. I left him a ball right in the middle of the zone, and that was a serious mistake by me in that situation. That pretty much cost us the game."

"It's not something you can practice," Ichiro said about his amazing base running play. "It's just something you feel; it's just instincts at that time."

"Wei-Yin pitched a great game tonight," Baltimore's Nate McLouth said. "We've seen guys come up with big pitches when they need them for quite a while now."

Watch the Yankees square off against the Orioles for game three of the series at Yankees stadium, tonight at 7:30 pm ET.


By: Evie B. Craig Staff Writer