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Who will step up for the Yankees?

New York Yankees hats Captain Clutch, Mr. November, Captain Intangibles (an old nickname, I know). All of those things describe one person…The leader, Derek Jeter. He has led the Yankees to the postseason for many years. Can the Yankees survive without him? They’ll have to, if they want to make it any further in the postseason.

The whole stadium was in silence as they saw their captain lying on the field in pain, not getting up. Joe Girardi and trainer Steve Donohue rushed on to the field to help up their captain. His ankle was already swollen. Robinson Cano, Eric Chavez and David Robinson huddled around Jeter while Curtis Granderson crouched behind him. It had been a rough night already when David Robinson gave up the go-ahead run in the 12th. But there was still hope. If someone stepped it up and took Jeter’s spot, maybe the Yankees could do it!

That night, Jeter was diagnosed with a fractured ankle. You will see him again this season…in the dugout, cheering his team on. The only problem is, the Yankees don’t need a star cheerleader, and they need a star shortstop! And now they have rookie Jayson Nix.

A-rod is continuing his slump, going 3-23 with 12 strikeouts. Cano, Granderson and Swisher have fallen into slump of their own. All four have been getting plenty of boos with the most being directed to A-rod.

The only good hitters in the Yankees lineup right now are Ibanez, Suzuki, Teixeira and Martin. Jayson Nix is doing okay, but taking the spot of Derek Jeter is hard because Jeter is the face of the franchise. Four out of nine are doing great….now you see how not having Jeter in the lineup affects the Yankees. Without him, more than half of the hitters are in slumps (Jayson Nix is neutral) (5 out of nine). With him, more than half of the hitters (5 out of nine) are doing well!

A day later…without Jeter…the Yankees lost 3-0 at home versus the Tigers.

Ibanez, A-rod, Teixeira, and Swisher each got a hit. Granderson stole a base while Ibanez got caught stealing. The Yankees’ average in this series dropped down to .192. They went 0-5 with RISP and left seven on base.

Hiroki Kuroda struck out 11 and went 7.2 innings giving up only three runs, but didn’t get the offensive support he needed.

The Tigers got eight hits, and went 3-9 with RISP, and left six on base.

Anibal Sanchez got the win, going seven innings and giving up three hits and zero runs.

The Yankee’s next game is Tuesday 10/16 at 8:07 ET in Detroit. The probable starters are Phil Hughes, (NYY, 0-0 –ERA) vs. Justin Verlander (DET, 0-0 –ERA).

Here are some moments that the Yankees need to remember.

On June 3rd, Phil Hughes and the Yankees beat Justin Verlander and the Tiger 5-1.

In 1996, the Yankees came back from a 2-0 deficit in the ALDS and went on to win it.

2009: The Yankees won the World Series.

Who will step up for the Yankees? Will it be Ibanez or Suzuki? Maybe A-rod will bust out of his slump. If they don’t, Derek won’t even be able to cheer…


By: Evie Craig Staff Writer