a 2009 White Sox Preview: 2009 Chicago White Sox Baseball Updates
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Dear 2-3-4 and 5 hitters,

My name is Brian, and I love the White Sox. Oh, not in that kind of way. It’s a healthy die hard fan love/hate relationship, don’t you worry. It’s not like I bought the 27 game weekday season ticket package in hopes of one day upgrading to the full season. As if I would attend Sox Fest for the chance to get a few autographs and shake some of your hands? Please, I have… okay, you got me. I did do those things! Now if you guys could just do me a favor? Just a small one; you guys are Major League Baseball players, you can handle BA w/ RISP, cant you? (For those of you at home, that’s batting average with runners in scoring position) The only reason I ask is because everyone knows the key to winning is pitching, defense and timely hitting. Listen, I know it’s early, but it looks like the Royals and Tigers will stick around all year. The Twins, well, they always find a way to be there, and let’s just hope the Indians (many experts predicted them to win the division) keep falling further and further out of the race. Will it be a 4 team race? Let’s hope not, but if it is, than we need you guys to step up in key situations.

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I don’t mean to be applying all this pressure, but many other White Sox fans and I want another Division Title, and hell, let’s bring back that Championship banner back to the South Side of Chicago! I’m not so sure if either of those things will happen the way you guys are swinging the bats with runners standing on 2 nd and 3 rd base. I don’t think a .214 batting average is going to cut it. Seriously guys, seriously. Jermaine Dye, you have taken this city by storm these last 5 years, but batting .111 will just get you traded come July. Jimmy, come on dude, what’s with the .143 batting average. You are looking to play a few more years in this league so you can reach 600 homeruns? How about helping this team win with some clutch base knocks! As our good friend Hawk Harrelson always says…

“Don’t tell me how many you hit. Tell me when you hit ‘em.”

Josh Fields and Carlos Quentin I won’t come down on you as hard. Wait, yes I will. You two are the new 2 and 3 hitters in this line-up, and hopefully for years to come. Granted you are both hitting .267 and .273 respectively with runners in scoring position; however that’s not going to cut it when Placido Polanco and Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers are hitting .313 and .471 with ducks on the pond. I know it’s a long season, and you guys play hard, play hurt, and play under pressure but if you’re going to beat the best, then you have to be the best in key situations.

I want to apologize if it seems like I was too brutally honest with you guys, but I believe this team is good enough to win another Division title. This starting rotation when right and healthy has the chance for 5, 15 game winners. You’re closer has good enough stuff and your bullpen has been solid. It’s up to you guys for consistency and knocking in the big run when it’s standing out there on base. We’re one month in, with five to go, let’s prove once again you guys are for real.

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By Brian Gioia
MLBcenter.com Guest Writer

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