Quantcast Cubs & Red Sox World Series: Why a Cubs/Red Sox World Series could save Baseball
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Why a Cubs/Red Sox World Series could save Baseball


There are few, if any baseball fans that love their team more than Cubs fans. They have put up with 100, that’s 1-0-0, a century, one-tenth of a millennium years of futility and disappointments. The Cubs have had star-studded lineups like the one they have this year before. The Cubs have been pennant favorites before and the Cubs have had the best record in baseball before. Only to blow it one way or another. This year seems a little different. There is a feeling in the air in Chicago, one that can be compared to a feeling that came around in Boston four years ago. A feeling that this may be the year the hex can be broken, that baseball’s greatest park can host a World Series. That the Cubs could go all the way.

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Until 4 years ago, the Red Sox WERE the Cubs. They hadn’t won a world series since trading the greatest baseball player of all time—Babe Ruth—to the Yankees. That had been 86 heartbreak-filled years in which the hated Yankees had won 26 championships and the Sox had lost 4 World Series in the 7 th game. In 2003, in game 7 of the AL championship series, the Red Sox took it to 11 innings against the Yankees until Aaron F’ing Boone blasted one to Left. But in ’04 they pulled off the greatest comeback in sports history against those same Yankees in the Pennant and then swept the Cardinals in the World Series. They won another last year sweeping the Rockies. Now they are the superstars of the MLB, their lineup practically mirrors that of the All-Star game and they don’t even care they are trailing the Rays by 5 on July 7 th because they know they will get it back. See where I’m going with this?

How great would it be for Baseball, still struggling to recover from the Steroid-era in which tainted records and failed drug tests became as common as Nolan Ryan strikeouts, to have a Red Sox-Cubs World Series? It would be a fantasy series, the two most loved teams in baseball, the two best ballparks in baseball and the two biggest loveable losers in baseball history. Both lineups are incredibly talented and deep and the pitching on both sides is phenomenal. It could turn into 7 games of barnburners or 7 games of sleepers. It would bring life back to a sport that’s sucking wind and has given way to football as Americas most popular sport. Can you imagine a World Series game 7 at Fenway or Wrigley? (Believe me, this series would go 7 games, the baseball gods wouldn’t allow anything else) There would be the two most die-hard sets of fans in all of sport face to face with a deeply coveted world championship on the line. Emotions, and TV ratings, would run very high. It would signal a beginning of a baseball renaissance, no matter who won. The New-Money Red Sox vs. The Rags-To-Riches Cubs. Baseball can’t ask for anything more than that.



By Matt Fullerton
DFN Sports Staff Writer

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