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Strategenius Baseball - Fantasy Baseball with a Twist


It’s only May and you already feel like you’re out of the fantasy baseball sweepstakes. You’re miles behind the other contestants and they keep swooping up decent free agents before you have a chance to even take a look at who’s available. Maybe it’s because you had a horrible draft. Maybe your players aren’t performing like you expected them to. Or perhaps your star players you spent your first couple of picks on are injured. Whatever the case, this can be very frustrating to any sports enthusiast who enjoys a healthy competition amongst family, friends, or even strangers. Especially when your favorite team isn’t having a good season, either. Look, you know you are intelligent about the sport. Things just don’t always go as planned. So why not try a new twist on fantasy sports that will keep you actively involved each week? With Strategenius Sports, you can!

For any sports enthusiast, there’s no sweeter moment than showing your opponents that you made the better choices when selecting a player or team to perform. On top of that, why not try to earn money in the process? Most people play to be in a fantasy league and it just plain sucks to know your money went to waste just a month into the sports season. With Strategenius Sports, you continue to play as long as your team or player performs the selected category. For example, Strategenius Baseball may have a category for a player to perform a task every 7 games, such as “Pick a player to steal at least two stolen bases.” As long as your selected player steals two bases in their team’s next 7 games, you at least advance to the next round. Heck, if the other contestants’ selections don’t advance, you WIN the round and the money!

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Strategenius only takes 10% of each dollar wagered (Minimum $10 entry to play due to Strategenius and payment processing fees). Every two weeks, new exciting categories arrive for you to compete in. Once you have made your payment and selection, let the competition begin! But be careful - once you select a player or team for that category, you can’t select that player or team again for that category until there is a determined winner.

For example, if I select Albert Pujols to get at least 6 hits in the next 7 games and he does, I can no longer select Albert Pujols. But let’s say Pujols is the only one to advance and you win, then what? Well, if that same category were to come back up later on in the season, you are allowed to select Pujols again, since there was a determined winner.

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One more item of note to make it more challenging: No matter if you advance after the first game, you MUST wait out that team’s next 7 games before beginning the upcoming round. So be careful, especially when selecting a pitching category since you’ll want to make sure your pitcher gets the most chances possible to advance.

Don’t want to take my word for it? We have had over 10 players playing Strategenius Baseball since the beginning of last season and well, they can’t WAIT for the new season of Strategenius to begin! There must be a reason….

So take a chance and play Strategenius Sports. I know you’ll enjoy the competition, chance to make money, and the fact that if you suck early on, there’s always a new category waiting for you to fill out!!



Strategenius, Strategenius Baseball, and Strategenius Sports are a registered trademark.

For more information, contact Ryan at: cubsfanrva@yahoo.com

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