Quantcast 2008 New York Mets: Mets acquire K-Rod
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Mets fans hope Omar's big splash at the Winter Meetings was just the beginning

When Omar Minaya arrived in Las Vegas for the annual MLB winter meetings, there wasn't a writer, fan, player, or general manager that didn't know what Omar's main goal to accomplish was. Omar Minaya was going to attempt to acquire a closer more aggressively than any general manager in major league baseball. And as we all expected, Omar wasted no time in acquiring all-star closer Francisco Rodriguez, fresh of an MLB single-season record 62 save season to a 3 year, 37 million dollar contract. This move had Mets fans already pumped up for the 2009 season, and it seemed as if Omar's work for the week was done. But then Minaya pulled off the unexpected, but acquiring all-star closer JJ Putz in a 12 player, 3 team deal with the Mariners and Indians with a package centering around Aaron Heilman. With these two great moves, the Mets now have possibly the best 8 th and 9 th inning combination in the entire MLB. But with these moves, have the Mets done all they need to do to push them over the edge for next season? The answer to that is no. The Mets still have work to do, and Mets fans and players can only hope that Minaya keeps working his magic.

New York Mets Jerseys The Mets top three goals for the rest of the off-season are:

1: Acquire a front end starting pitcher to go along with Santana, Pelfrey, Maine, and Neise. The Mets top starting pitching targets are Oliver Perez, Randy Wolf, and Derek Lowe. Randy Wolf is the cheapest bet, but the Mets hope that they can snag Lowe or Perez, but first Scott Boras has to drop

the ridiculous asking price he has set for each of the starters.

2: The Mets second biggest need at the moment is to acquire a right handed bat for the left field position. With the top right handed bat on the market being Pat Burell, a very despised player

throughout the Mets organization, it is far more likely the Mets will explore the trade options, instead

of the available free agents.

3: The third most important goal is for the Mets to upgrade their starting second basemen. Ideally, the

Mets would love to acquire Orlando Hudson, who does long to be a Mets. But first, the Mets will have

to find somebody to take the aging Luis Castillo off of their hands.

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By James P. Kelly
New York Mets Correspondent

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