a 2008 MLB Offseason: Mid-November trade rumors & updates
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Mid-November trade rumors & updates


There has already been some significant movement with the trade of Matt Holliday to the Oakland Athletics. This was the first major move made, but there should be plenty more to come.

Jake Peavy is the biggest name as far as trade rumors go. As of last week the Atlanta Braves were the frontrunners to land Peavy. Atlanta had reportedly offered a deal that involved Yunel Escobar, Gorkys Hernandez, Charlie Morton, and either Blaine Boyer or Jeff Locke for Peavy. This deal seems to be more than satisfactory on both sides but San Diego refused to pull the trigger. As of yesterday the Braves have dropped out and the Chicago Cubs are now believed to be the frontrunner. This does not rule out the possibility of a trade to Atlanta, but the Braves are no longer actively pursuing Peavy.

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Atlanta is now going to pursue both A.J. Burnett and Derek Lowe to be front line pitchers in their rotation. Both Burnett and Derek Lowe are supposed to be offered significant contracts by the Yankees. New York has already offered pitcher C.C. Sabathia a contract reportedly worth 140 million over six years. New York will still pursue Burnett and Lowe while attempting a trade for Jake Peavy.

Other big name free agents include Mark Teixeira and Francisco Rodriguez. Teixeira will most likely receive contract offers from the Yankees, Angels, Orioles, and Nationals. The frontrunner is the Angels as the Yankees recently acquired Nick Swisher from the White Sox. He however is a Maryland native who has talked about playing closer to home, which would give the Orioles and Nationals a decent shot.

Francisco Rodriguez will not return to the Angels and most likely land with the Mets. New York will offer him the biggest contract and he will most likely take it. New York is in need of relief pitching and Rodriguez is at the top of their list.

Adam Dunn is another big name that is on the move. Possible places he could land are Washington and Toronto. Toronto needs a DH while Washington has pursued him for several years now. Some interesting names that could be traded are J.J. Hardy and Prince Fielder. Fielder is arbitration eligible and his salary should sky rocket. As for Hardy, the Brewers have a prospect they love at shortstop, which could mean they move Hardy for pitching help.

Rafael Furcal is another big name free agent. The Dodgers would like to bring him back but for less than he is asking for. Oakland and San Francisco have also shown interest in the 31 year-old shortstop. If the Peavy deal goes through for the Braves you could see Atlanta pursuing Furcal to replace Escobar at shortstop. Furcal started his career in Atlanta and played there for 6 years. A reunion is possible if the circumstances arise.

Randy Johnson is now a free agent and is also most likely on the move. Arizona would like to keep him but for only half of his asking price. Johnson could land with the Cubs if Chicago can’t resign Ryan Dempster and trade for Jake Peavy. Dempster is on the top of the Cubs’ wish list but is asking for 4 years and 75 million. This is more than they are willing to give, but it could be necessary to keep him in town.

It doesn’t seem like Pat Burrell will return to Philadelphia. Kansas City or Washington are possible places. Both would like a power bat and can offer him a large contract.

Trevor Hoffman will not be returning to the Padres. He was not offered a contract and could end up with an American League team. The Indians and Tigers have shown interest but retirement is also an option.

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By Ben Burrows
Atlanta Braves Correspondent

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