Quantcast Joba Chamberlain: Joba Chamberlain - Bullpen or Rotation?
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Pinch Hitting

Joba Chamberlain - Bullpen or Rotation?

Hello and welcome to the first edition of “Pinch Hitting.” This will be a weekly column in which I talk about whatever is on my mind in the sport of baseball. I try to be exclusive with different teams, but I will talk about whatever is on my mind, no matter which team it involves. For this week, I am going to discuss the New York Yankees, and whether or not it would be the right decision for them to panic this early and put Joba Chamberlain into the rotation.

As far as Hank Steinbrenner is concerned, a guy who throws 100 miles-per-hour should not be pitching out of the bullpen. What makes Hank such an expert? Joba had been doing an excellent job setting up Mariano Rivera ever since his inception into the Yankees’ bullpen last season, but now it looks like the brass wants him to enter rotation, because the Yankees’ starting pitchers seem to be struggling in the early going.


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The move to put Joba in the pen is wrong on so many levels. First, what does that say to youngsters, Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy? Are you telling them that you have no faith in them? At the stages they are at in their young careers, they need to be motivated, and not shut down. They will turn into quality arms, but good things take time.

Also, even if the move to put Chamberlain into the rotation proves successful, think of what it does to the Yankees’ bullpen. The move would mean that shaky relievers, such as LaTroy Hawkins and Kyle Farnsworth would get more opportunities in close games. It also means that more leads will be blown, and overall, it would mean the Yankees’ pitching staff as a whole would be considerably worse.

Hopefully for the Yankees, Hank decides to shut his mouth and let Joe Girardi do the managing of the team. He didn’t win “Manager of the Year” in his first season as a skipper for nothing. Although it is cool to have the old controversy that we are all used to seeing from George Steinbrenner back in the forefront, Hank should just close his mouth and let the Yankees move forward without messing with their chemistry. Until next time…


By Mike Ganci
ProBaseball-fans.com Staff Writer

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