Quantcast MLB Players of the Week - 08.24.2008
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ProBaseball-fans.com & MLBcenter's MLB Players of the Week ending August 24th


American League Player of the Week

LA Angels hats

Los Angeles Angels Closer Francisco Rodriguez

  • 3 Saves in 3 Save Opportunities, pitched in 4 games this week
  • Allowed 0 earned runs, 4 hits and struck out 5 batters in 4 Innings Pitched.
  • Rodriguez does not have the fanciest stat of the week but Rodriguez did reach the 50-saves milestone. Rodriguez earned his 50 th save of the season on August 24th against the Minnesota Twins. Rodriguez is the fastest player to reach 50 saves in a season with only 129 games played. He is 7 saves away from single season record of 57 saves in a season marked by Bobby Thigpen.


AL Player of the Week Runner-up: Chicago White Sox 2B Alexi Ramirez

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National League Player of the Week


Florida Marlins & merchandise

Florida Marlins SP Ricky Nolasco

  • 16.1 Innings Pitched this week
  • 2 Wins, allowed 5 Hits and 2 Earned Runs
  • 21 Strikeouts and walked 2 times
  • Nolasco threw a complete game on the 19 th against the San Francisco Giants. He struck out 11 batters and allowed no runs.


NL Player of the Week Runner-up: New York Mets 3B David Wright

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By David Kim
ProBaseball-fans.com Guest Writer

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