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Rumor Mill Central - July 22nd, 2008


Huston Street: Street has not been throwing very well as of late blowing his last two save opportunities. However, he still has a lot of fire power in him striking out 42 batters in 43 innings this year. Look for the Brewers and Cardinals to be the front runners for this arm.

George Sherrill: The 31 year old showed flashes of B.J. Ryan the former Oriole reliever. Sherrill has accounted for 29 saves so far this season and has an electric arm. Look for the the NL Central leading Cubs to land him because left handed specialist Scott Eyre has not been able to stay healthy. However, don't be surprised if the Cardinals land him. Cardinal scouts were highly impressed with his All-Star game performance.

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Brian Fuentes: The Rockies left-handed closer is being mentioned in heated discussions and two AL East teams are on the front burner. The Yankees and Tampa Bay have scouts in town for the Dodgers series, wanting to get another look at left-handed closer Brian Fuentes. However, the Rockies had a deal in place last week that would of sent Matt Holiday and Brian Fuentes to the Phillies but it fell through.

Los Angeles Angels: The Angles continue to look for a big power bat to put in the middle of their lineup and Teixera might just be there man. One rumer has utility player Robb Quinlan of St. Paul and minor league third baseman Brandon Wood headed to Atlanta for slugger Mark Teixeira.

Minnesota Twins: The Twins continue to go after Mariners third baseman, Adrian Beltre. The only thing that stands between this deal is money. Beltre  is making $13,400,000 this season, and as we all know the Twins are a small market team. So the Mariners would have to eat a lot of that contract for this deal to happen.

New York Yankees: Jorge Posada is most likely heading to the DL for good this season. He will need surgery on his shoulder. This will up the Yankees' need for an power hitting outfielder. The most likely scenario would be Matt Holiday but with the way the West has been of late, who knows if the Rockies will ever be out of the race.

A.J. Burnett Watch: As everyday goes by it looks more and more bleak that the Blue Jays will trade Burnett who is at the top of many A.L. stats in pitching this season. Burnetts contract is a huge reason behind this. In Burnett's contract it states that he can opt out of his contract and test free agency waters, however if he struggles with his new team he would opt to stay and make the last part of his huge contract. It would be a risky move for any contender.


By Aaron Partridge
DFN Sports Guest Writer


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