Quantcast 2008 MLB Rumors: Trade Rumors and Winter Meetings
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Trade Rummors and Winter Meetings Update 12/09


The Winter Meetings are underway and can spark a large amount of movement around the league. C.C. Sabathia has received offers from both the Yankees and the Brewers. The Yankees will obviously provide more money but the Brewers could include an opt-out option after the 2nd or 3rd year. This option could further entice Sabathia to stay in Milwaukee but it looks as though Sabathia wants to stay in one city for an extended amount of time.

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The Atlanta Braves made a move with the Chicago White Sox to acquire starting pitcher Javier Vazquez and reliever Boone Logan. The White Sox received catching prospect Tyler Flowers, shortstop Brent Lillibridge, third baseman Jon Gilmore and relief pitcher Santos Rodriguez. This gives the White Sox some nice pieces for the future while the Braves fill a starting pitching spot and fill a bullpen spot.

The Braves also signed David Ross who will serve as catcher Brian McCann’s backup. The Braves have also offered a contract to free agent A.J. Burnett. The contract is reported as being 4 years with a player option for a 5th. Burnett has been seeking 5 years. Burnett could also receive a substantial contract from the Yankees if they don’t land C.C. Sabathia.

Free agents Pat Burrell and Adam Dunn have not received much interest so far. The Nationals appear to have interest in Dunn but won’t be able to compete in a bidding war. Burrell has also been rumored to receive interest from the Royals.

Earlier today both the Reds and White Sox shot down the rumor that Jermaine Dye was traded for Homer Bailey. Both clubs claim they haven’t spoken since Thanksgiving. The White Sox would have Homer Bailey for 6 years while the Reds would have Dye for 1.

Jake Peavy is still involved in talks with the Cubs. The Cubs are trying to bring in a third team that would give them the pitching required to land Peavy from the Padres. Padres GM Kevin Towers says if a deal isn’t reached during the Winter Meetings that Peavy will stay with the Padres.

There has been little talk lately involving Mark Teixeira. The Red Sox are going to go hard to Teixeira. Besides the Angles it looks as though Boston is the leading candidate. The Orioles have been involved as Teixeira could offer a hometown discount. But they still seem unlikely. The Nationals are also interested but that signing wouldn’t really make sense for either party.

The New York Mets are still trying to land Francisco Rodriguez but it seems that he may end up back with the Angels. Rodriguez isn’t drawing as much interest has he thought and could end up with a contract much lower than he wants. The Mets have only offered a contract worth 3 years and 36 million while the Angels have offered 3 years and 34 million. With the deals so close it would seem likely that Rodriguez would opt to stay in Anaheim. If the Mets can’t land Rodriguez they will turn their interest to Brian Fuentes or Kerry Wood.


By Ben Burrows
Atlana Braves Correspondant

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