a 2008 NY Yankees: A-Rod admits to taking PED for 3 years
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Take off the Rose Colored Glasses!!!!



This just in, A-Rod took steroids!! I’m shocked, how appalling. ESPN, in typical sensationalistic style, reports the story in the format of US Weekly. I was waiting for a Madonna reference or red carpet photos. Maybe they should take the same approach when their employees are selling cocaine, see Michael Irvin and Jamal Anderson. Any fan who has watched A-Rod throughout his career was far from shocked when the story broke.

The national media will bombard A-Rod, Barry Bonds, Bud Selig and all of baseball for ruining the integrity of the game. They will take possibly the harshest approach of all by keeping the greats of the game out of the Hall of Fame, hmmm, is that fair? I say far from it.

New York Yankees hats Major League Baseball instituted their steroid policy at the beginning of the 2005 season after much scrutiny and criticism. The policy was really put in place at the direction of Congress following numerous hearings. I will not attempt to retrace the history of performance enhancing drugs in baseball nor will I speak of Balco and all the stories related to Victor Conte and Barry Bonds. Those stories have been reported, re-reported ad nauseam. However, I will ask why the National Football League continues to get a free pass.

Writers did not vote Mark Mcgwire into the HOF recently, due to his alleged steroid usage. For arguments sake, we will state Mcgwire did use steroids. Do we know without a shadow of a doubt that his competitors including pitchers were not taking performance enhancing drugs? We certainly don’t so there is no logical reason to keep him, Bonds, A-Rod, Clemens or anyone else out of the game. I can hear the baseball die hards crying now, “but baseball is built on records, tradition” blah blah blah. I will only agree with any exclusion the writers cling to if the Pittsburgh Steelers from the 70s are banned from the HOF and their Super Bowls abolished from the record books. In fact, examine all great performers prior the NFL’s magnificent testing policy implemented in 1989. A significant number of former pro football players have admitted to taking steroids including the likes of Mike Golic. Another free pass to the NFL…incredible.

I’m sure many of you reading this have taken the eye test regarding MLB players and created your own list. The true list since the policy was implemented is pretty small and includes no major superstars. The following website includes admitted users, positive tests and the infamous Mitchell Report: http://www.baseballssteroidera.com/bse-list-steroid-hgh-users-baseball.html not quite the vast list the media would lead you to believe. Finding baseball’s suspension list was a fairly easy task, not quite the same ease with the NFL. Why would that be? A double standard, perhaps? The NFL is a powerful entity that strikes down public criticism with fear and trembling. ESPN rarely if ever speaks negatively of the most powerful league in all of sports. The spin zone is always in full effect with dust cloths and polish held at arm’s length.

Who has been suspended in the NFL? Try All-Pro superstar Shawn Merriman on for size. Yet, the suspension received little fan fare and Merriman made the Pro Bowl the same season! New England Patriots All-Pro Rodney Harrison was also suspended for a banned substance. Have your attention yet? Dallas Cowboys QB coach Wade Wilson was even suspended for a banned substance! Former All Pro receiver David Boston was suspended by the NFL for steroids. All Pro defensive lineman Jared Allen was suspend for substance abuse while with the Chiefs. 60 Minutes broke a story of a doctor who admitted giving steroids to the Carolina Panthers following their only Super Bowl appearance. See the New York Times Colum Below: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/30/sports/football/30panthers.html?ex=1269838800&en=ce974ff48db5d7b7&38;ei=5088&38;partner=rssnyt

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If the NFL’s policy was air tight and they have everything in control, how did these fine upstanding citizens get by the test? Steroid testing in the NFL is an absolute joke, in fact a myth. I would venture a guess there are more steroids in the NFL than “UMMS” in a President Obama Presidential Address.

Yet MLB’s image suffers while the NFL continues to flourish. Have you ever heard of these fiends, Michael Vick? Rae Carruth? OJ Simpson? How about Chris Henry? Pac Man Jones? Didn’t Jamal Lewis serve time in prison for selling drugs? How about Mr. Spit, Bill Romanowski? Romanowski admitted on the television show 60 Minutes that he used steroids. Little buzz generated from that, very curious.

As I mentioned earlier, most fans have given MLB players the eye test. How about the same test regarding the NFL? The infamous “steroid infested” Jose Canseco during his playing days stood at 6’4” weighing in at 240lbs. Mark Mcgwire stood 6’5” and weighed 250 lbs( http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/players/profile?playerId=1738 ). How about Sammy Sosa? 6’0” weighing in at 225 lbs ( http://www.mlb.com/team/player.jsp?player_id=122544 ). Very interesting. Of course we have to look at Mr. Bonds, 6’2” weighing in at 240 lbs. A behemoth!!! http://mlb.mlb.com/team/player.jsp?player_id=111188 The following points are not made in accusatory fashion simply stating the size of current NFL players. The top receiving tight end in 2008 was Tony Gonzalez; he stands 6’5” and weighs 251 lbs. Chris Cooley was second in the league in receptions standing at 6’3” weighing in at 258 lbs. Both Gonzalez and Cooley have enough speed to create matchup problems for any team in the NFL, yet they each weigh more than Canseco, Bonds, Sosa, and Mcwire. Canseco was considered a freak of nature!!

Do you realize that Alex Rodriguez stands 6’3” and weighs 225 lbs? http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/players/5275 Andre Johnson led the NFL in receiving and by all accounts is a speed burner running a 40 yd dash in 4.3 seconds; Johnson stands 6’3” and weighs 223lbs. The star of this season’s playoffs was Larry Fitzgerald who stands 6’3” and weighs 220 lbs http://www.nfl.com/players/larryfitzgerald/profile?id=FIT437493 . Very interesting… Demarcus Ware led the NFL in sacks and his primary move is the speed rush. Ware stands in at 6’4” weighing in at 262 lbs. He ran a 4.56 40 at the combine while weighing 251 lbs. In addition he had a 38 ½ “ vertical leap , WOW!!

Are you still up for an eye test? Baltimore Orioles outfielder Brady Anderson raised suspicions when he hit a career high 50 home runs in 1996. Many including HOF pitcher Jim Palmer questioned the feat given the next highest output for Anderson was 24 http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/alltime/playercard?playerId=236&type=0 . Anderson stood 6’1” and at most weighed around 200 lbs. During the home run season, Anderson appeared in many muscled magazines which only fueled speculation. As in most sports, players do not miraculously get better in the middle of their careers. Given that logic doesn’t it make sense to question a player? Have you ever heard of Pittsburgh Steeler Linebacker, James Harrison? Harrison stands 6’0” and weighs 240lbs. If you watched the NFL’s Championship game against the Arizona Cardinals, I don’t need to describe Harrison’s speed. How does Harrison compare to Brady Anderson you ask? Harrison is now 30 years old, is performing at a MVP level despite being undrafted in 2002 and being cut four times!!!!!! No other team had interest in Harrison, nor did the Steelers for many years. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs2008/news/story?id=3855349

In no way am I accusing any of the aforementioned players of using performance enhancing drugs, I’m simply stating the NFL cannot test for HGH and has the same issues, probably worse than MLB as strength and size are far more important in football than baseball.

Fans and media pundits, judge the NFL with the same rod of iron you use on MLB! Besides, rarely if ever will the World Series have the outcome of games deciding by horrible officiating like the NFL did on the biggest stage, by the way denied by Mike Golic via an email response to my points!! Shocking…The Rose Colored Glasses in full effect…I’m off to have a “protein” shake…


By: Scott Dryden
DFN Sports Staff Writer


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