a 2008 NY Yankees: A look at the Yankees off-season moves
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Yanks Take Steroid Issue and Pettitte on High Priority


Roger Clemens is gone, Mike Mussina rode off into the sunset after last season’s disappointing finale, and the New York Yankees yearned for something or someone to hold on to for the team’s debut season in the New Yankee Stadium. So did Andy Pettitte. The pitcher will return for one more year with the Yankees after agreeing to a one-year, $5.5 million contract. The hurler completes a five-man pitching rotation which boasts C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Chien- Ming Wang, and Joba Chamberlain.

New York Yankees hats With a pitching rotation stacked higher than a produce display, the Yankees should contend for the AL East title on their way to a potential goal-achieving World Series title in 2009. The re-signing of Pettitte gives the Yankees some breathing room in the case of an injury, with Phil Hughes moved to the sixth spot. The Yankee pitching rotation has undergone more improvements than Madonna, and they’re ready to open up 2009 with a bang.

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See a trend here? Jason Giambi’s gone, Gary Sheffield is already appearing in history books, and Clemens was given the good-bye needle. If you haven’t seen it already, consider the deal that almost was, back in July of 2008. Brian Cashman was a handshake away from acquiring free agent Barry Bonds as a DH when his conscious knocked him upside the head with a bag full of common sense. How disastrous would that have been? I would rather see Ted haggard elected Pope than Bloated Bonds in pinstripes. Yes, the Yankees are doing their part in the overhaul of steroids in baseball. The only controversy in New York needs to be the year-round rants that the Boys need to win the World Series. The focus needs to return to the rivalries, tradition, and aura that is Major League Baseball. The Yankees are doing their part, and it has shown in the past year. Anticipate a successful 2009 season for New York. Out with the ‘roids in with the class.


By Tim Gaffney
MLBcenter.com Yankees Correspondant


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