Quantcast 2008 NY Yankees: Jeter Passes Gehrig; End in Sight for Cathedral
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Jeter Passes Gehrig; End in Sight for Cathedral


Perhaps it’s all meant to be different this year. Maybe the focus of this final home stand at Yankee Stadium was never meant to be on some improbable playoff run. Last night, Legends of the past emerged from beyond the left-field wall and pleaded their case as Derek Jeter ripped a base hit into left field to surpass Lou Gehrig for most hits ever at the Cathedral in the Bronx. The Yankees lost to the White Sox 6-2, and Boston gained yet one more game of cushion over New York in the AL East race; but that’s hardly the story last night begged to tell. It moved the clock closer to that final time Yankee Stadium will go dark and vanish into history. A tip of the helmet from Jeter, like he’s done a million times to these fans, gave New York something to savor. Once more, a son looked on in awe as his Dad pointed and said, “Don’t ever forget this moment; that’s a legend on first base.”

New York Yankees hats As for the remainder of the season, the improbable can only be achieved if the Yankees win out, and Boston and Tampa lose the rest of their games. It’s a long shot. There’s a better chance of Michael Phelps drowning than the Yankees making the post-season. But the year has not been a total bust for the Boys, as new manager Joe Girardi has handled the Yankees with poise in his first year. The final season at Yankee Stadium is not a walk in Central Park when you’re the manager—or maybe it is if you include the muggers. This past week, he benched Robinson Cano for not hustling down the line after a ground ball, and instantly became one of my favorites. He’ll be with the team next year as they begin a new era in the new stadium. More importantly, he will lead the Yankees through this historic home stretch and out the Stadium’s doors one last time.

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The Yankees final home game will be nationally televised this Sunday, September 21 st. It will be a night never forgotten. Old stories and memories will pour like wine from most. So hit that record button on the DVR; because after all these years, there will be one more night of magic on the corner of 161 st and River. The blue and white Cathedral will stand brightly against the crisp, dark September sky. Yankee legends of past and present, passed on or alive, will gather in its confines one more time to say good-bye. One more curtain call—one last time.


By Tim Gaffney
MLBcenter.com New York Yankees Correspondent


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