Quantcast 2008 MLB Playoffs: 2008 Division Series Previews
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2008 MLB Playoffs - Division Series Previews

If the BCS committee were in charge of selecting MLB teams to play in October this year, the Brewers and Cubs wouldn’t even qualify as thoughts. This is what makes this year’s postseason so interesting. Both the American League and National League have match-ups that will turn more heads than Marilyn Monroe on a Harley; and even with the Yankees eliminated, you’re going to want to follow it to the very end. Here are the match-ups:

ALDS: Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

I don’t care what the Red Sox say. They’re more than ecstatic to have the Angels as an opponent this early instead of the Rays. Jonathan Papelbon, with his previous postseason experience, is ready to feast on Angels ninth-inning hitters. The Angels are a familiar foe for the Red Sox in the ALDS. They won their division by three miles, and have one of the best closers in the game to counter Papelbon. The Sox are favored, but there are Angels in the outfield this year—one of them being Torii Hunter. Look for a great Division Series here.


ALDS: Chicago White Sox and Tampa Bay Rays

That drunk guy at the bar back in March who slurred that the Rays would win the AL East title this season is kicking himself for not throwing down a Benjamin in Vegas. The White Sox beat the Twins to the final piece of dental floss hanging from the postseason last night, and are still hanging from it as they face the best team in the AL. The Rays won the season series 6-4, and are looking to advance past an experienced White Sox team.

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NLDS: Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs

The Cubbies are in, and Chicago is alive and divided once more. Dodgertown is counting on Joe Torre to begin another dynasty, but this time on the west coast. This will be an interesting spectacle as the Dodgers look to rely on their pitching to challenge the hot Cub bats. Manny Ramirez and Torre bring playoff experience to L.A., and they look to bring a title back to Dodger fans. This year marks a century since the Cubs last won a World Series, and they’re about due.


NLDS: Milwaukee Brewers and Philadelphia Phillies

Well, the Brewers fired their manager a couple of weeks ago, but they’re in the playoffs against a team that would like redemption from last year’s three-game sweep to the hands of the Rockies. The Brewers are the Cinderella Story to this point, and Ryan Howard and the Phillies don’t want to fall victim to the hype. C.C. Sabathia will be key to the Brewer’s mound attack, but will he be able to shut down the Phillies’ offense? Be ready for some good baseball in this series.


The 2008 MLB postseason is underway, and the race for the World Series is in full force. History will be made, and stars will shine, so don’t miss it.


By Tim Gaffney
MLBcenter.com Staff Writer