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New York Mets Historical Records & Data

New York Mets hatsThe New York Mets have had a major impact on the history of Major League Baseball, from the "Miracle Mets" of the past to Tom Seaver, Gary Carter, and today's stars David Wright and Johan Santana, the Mets keep their fans thirsting for Championships. Find out more about the Mets using the links and data below and see how the New York Mets have fared over the years in the NL East Division. Also be sure to read our Mets Correspondents' coverage of the NY Mets throughout the year as well as check out the great New York Mets apparel & merchandise available through MLB Center and partner sites!


New York Mets Historical Records

Year League & Division Wins Losses Place  
2012 NL East 74 88 4th  
2011 NL East 77 85 4th  
2010 NL East 79 83 4th  
2009 NL East 70 92 4th  
2008 NL East 89 73 2nd  
2007 NL East 88 74 2nd  
2006 NL East 97 65 1st  
2005 NL East 83 79 4th  
2004 NL East 71 91 4th  
2003 NL East 66 95 5th  
2002 NL East 75 86 5th  
2001 NL East 82 80 3rd  
2000 NL East 94 68 2nd  
1999 NL East 97 66 2nd  
1998 NL East 88 74 2nd  
1997 NL East 88 74 3rd  
1996 NL East 71 91 4th  
1995 NL East 69 75 2nd  
1994 NL East 55 58 3rd  


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