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Tampa Bay Rays Historical Records & Data

Tampa Bay Rays hatsSince joining Major League Baseball in 1998, the Tampa Bay Rays, formerly known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, have finished in last place in every season but one. 2004 marked the only season in which Tampa Bay did not finish in 5th place in the AL East as they finished 4th with a franchise-best 70 wins. While Jose Canseco, Wade Boggs and other well-known players have suited up for the Rays, the young, growing stars of the 2012 team are expected to be the future of the Tampa Bay Rays. BJ Upton, Scott Kazmir and Evan Longoria are the names of the Rays today as they look to challenge the bigmoney teams of the AL East.


Tampa Bay Rays Historical Records

Year League & Division Wins Losses Place  
2012 AL East 90 72 3rd  
2011 AL East 91 71 2nd  
2010 AL East 96 66 1st  
2009 AL East 84 78 3rd  
2008 AL East 97 65 1st  
2007 AL East 66 96 5th  
2006 AL East 61 101 5th  
2005 AL East 67 95 5th  
2004 AL East 70 91 4th  
2003 AL East 63 99 5th  
2002 AL East 55 106 5th  
2001 AL East 62 100 5th  
2000 AL East 69 92 5th  
1999 AL East 69 93 5th  
1998 AL East 63 99 5th  


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