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MLB Writing Jobs - Become a Baseball Writer

Are you looking to gain experience writing about Major League Baseball? Have you dreamed of becoming a MLB sports writer but you have a job already and can't take on a full-time position? MLB Center and Pro Baseball Fans are the perfect fit for you! We have several openings for MLB writers to cover Major League Baseball with anywhere from 1-4 weekly articles about America's Pasttime, the great sport of baseball. Become a baseball writer today by contacting our staff at writers@sports-fansites.com and we will review your credentials. Just let us know why you want to become a sports writer, and if you have any qualifications like past writing experience, good grades in English, etc., we will look at how you can fit our baseball writer needs. Please note that MLBcenter.com and Pro Baseball Fans do not generate very much money, so payment is not an option at this time, but if you are a rising star we will try to compensate you for your hard work!

Contact MLB Center & Pro Baseball Fans today about how you can become the next great baseball writer!


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